HotDishes Restaurant
Ground Floor, Bruce House, Kaunda Street, Nairobi | (+254) (0) 739 652979

About HotDishes

Hot Dishes opened its first restaurant in 2006 at Habib House, Nairobi with a sitting space for 80 people. At our customer’s insistence, we began offering outside catering for weddings, graduation ceremonies, corporate events and various other social gatherings.

Hot Dishes continued to grow organically and opened a second restaurant at Bruce House, Nairobi with a sitting space for 200 people. We also scaled up our outside catering capacity to handle food provisioning for groups of over 1500 people. We’ve consistently managed to outclass our competitors and surprise our clients with our offerings.


We offer catering services for different corporate events including:

  • Weddings.
  • Conferences and seminars.
  • Board meetings.
  • Office Breakfast, lunches and snacks.
  • Holiday parties.

Our Ethos

Great prices

We go to great pains to ensure that you get maximum value for your money. Our ingredients are delivered just in time to reduce costs.

Quality food

We carefully select our ingredients from a few select suppliers to guarantee consitent food quality

Customer satisfaction

We strive to ensure that our customers walk away with a smile. We welcome feedback from our customers!