HotDishes Restaurant
Ground Floor, Bruce House, Kaunda Street, Nairobi | (+254) (0) 739 652979

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Hot Dishes Restaurant

By East36

Quick about us!

Hot Dishes Restaurant is a privately owned food business offering on-premise and off-premises catering. For our off-premises catering, we offer the option of delivering prepared food to a venue or on-site preparation of food.

Situated right in the heart of Nairobi, we offer quality food, exceptional customer service at a great price point. We take great care in selecting the best ingredients from local markets daily. Our well-trained staff have abundant experience in conjuring up a wide variety of nutritious African themed meals.

Our restaurants are popular meeting spots for evening meetings. Please use the contact us form to pre book a spot.

Passionate about food

We love what we do!

  • We visit the market every day to select the freshest produce arriving from up country. That means that our food is all natural (or Organic if you like).
  • We then sort, wash and prepare the produce immediately after delivery.
  • Our chefs take over and transmogrify the ingredients into a delicious meal just for you.
  • We smugly serve you and wait on your table as you scrunch! through your meal.
  • We listen to and act on your feedback.
  • We do this all day, every day.

Sounds unreal? Come visit us!

Order deliveries

Order online

We are experimenting with food deliveries to offices within the city and it's environs. To keep delivery costs low, we are aggregating multiple orders that are geographically close into a single delivery.

How to order

  1. Register for deliveries.
  2. Go through the menu and add your meal to the cart.
  3. Submit your order.

We will then aggregate orders and dispatch orders once a cost threshold has been reached before 11:30AM.

If we are unable to acquire the delivery numbers, we will have to cancel all outstanding orders. We will then notify before noon