African Inspired Food

Fresh. Delicious. Affordable.

Just like mum's.

How To Get Our Food:

Visit Our Restaurants

We have a franchise of three restaurants within Nairobi CBD with a total seating capacity of 280.
We specialise in traditional African Dishes.

Get Catered for

We offer offer catering for both corporate and social functions. For any event, we can cater for up to 1500 people, making us an ideal choice for weddings.

Get it delivered

We offer delivery services for office breakfast and lunches. We offer a vaiety of nutritious African themed meals and snacks.

Customer experience

Satisfaction & Indulgence.

Just like mum's.

What Drives Us:

Customer Experience

We aim to deliver an above par customer experience all day long, everyday.
Our team has been delivering positive customer experience for over a decade.

Fresh Food

We source our ingredients daily from markets. We prefer to source local organic ingredients. We will not sacrifice safety for profit, that is our promise to you.


Our customers deserve a complete meal at a decent price. We believe in the driving for competitive pricing in lieu of super profits

Event Driven

Unforgettable Events

Just like mum's.

Why Us:


We have been catering for weddings, corporate and government events for years. Our largest gathering had over 1,500 satisfied guests. We have a well trained team to cater for all your needs.


Our team has been well trained. With years of experience under their belts, they are capable of handling outlier situations that would confound many!

Cost Effective

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About us

Hot Dishes opened its first restaurant in 2006 with a sitting space for 60 people.

We have been consistently giving the best dining experience in the City which has seen us grow from the first branch at Gaborone Road with a sitting capacity of 60 people to a franchise of four Branches in the Central Business District with a sitting capacity of 280 people.

Fresh Ingredients Daily

Our day begins at 5am in the Nairobi Markets where fresh produce from around the country is delivered every morning. We do this everyday we are open.

Well Trained Staff

We have a large well-trained and experienced staff that is continuously retrained on systemic best practices for food preparation and handling. We take pride in the fact that our staff retention rate is one of the best around.

Good Working Relationships

Our time in the industry has allowed us to grow healthy relationships with our vendors.This guarantees that ensures that we have everyting we need to prepare food on the same day that it’s prepared for our customers.

Fully Equipped

Our restaurants are well equipped with all the dishes and cutlery we need to serve our guests. We also have safety equipment such as fire suppression. Our Food Truck serves for off-premises deliveries for large orders.

Quality food.
Exceptional service
Affordable Meals.

Because we understand that every meal needs to be enjoyed, you can confidently rely on us to always get it right.

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We serve your food fresh.

We have adopted highest standards of food handling procedures and carefully and diligently source our ingredients to give you the best culinary experience.

At Hot Dishes, we believe that the dining experience is a colorful celebration of life and therefore our menu is an inventory of the best African dishes prepared by the best chefs in town and served with a homely hospitality that is our trademark.

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Our Values

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”

J.R.R. Tolkien

A merrier world may be beyond a single franchise, however, a healthy daily meal is well within our reach. Visit us!

HotDishes believes in providing an affordable meal for the everyday citizen. Innovation is baked into our ethos. Frugality without cutting corners drives us. Our staff welfare is core to us.

  • We are one of the very few restaurants that cook our meals using vegetable oil!
  • Our cakes are decorated using genuine milk cream!
  • Our staff are paid above the government mandated wage.
  • We offer in house training for our employees.
  • We offer free meals for our employees.
  • We are an outlier in our industry.... (An outlier on the positive side of the graph)

Our Outside Catering Process



It is important for us to listen to our customers and understand what they need. During this phase we get tentative dates, number of guests, variety of food and accompaniments, and lastly, the drinks that will be served.



We close on the final dates that outside catering will be needed. We also finalize on the number of guests, food, accompaniments and drinks that will be served. We also take any special instructions. At ths point, a deposit is required for final confirmation.



Expect timely delivery of freshly prepared food to your corporate or social event as per your order and instructions. Our staff will be onsite to help with the serving of the food and drinks, setting of the tables and handling requests from guests.

Our Customers.

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